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Display Suite


A digital Touchtable presentation for the display suite

The Snaploader Touchtable is an award winning turn-key digital marketing solution for developers and real estate agents to sell off the plan projects.

The Touchtable creates an immersive and intuitive buyer experience that improves a buyer's understanding and confidence leading to a quicker decision

The Touchtable combines all the marketing assets with a Snaploader 3Dmodel, allowing an agent to take the client on a journey towards the path to purchase.

It quickly becomes the primary selling tool for off the plan project marketing and can operate online using wifi or offline without internet in any display suite or location.

10 reasons why the Snaploader Touchtable should be used in your next project

Ties in all the marketing assets a developer would need to sell off the plan

Interactive touch screen with multiple displays. Flick content to view on other screens

A turnkey solution to integrate technology in selling off the plan

Visualise your project in 3D, see every floor and every apartment

Make it easy for the buyer to select, all the marketing assets at your finger tips

Sell the lifestyle, combine digital media like video, panorama's & Virtual Reality

Take your client on a journey through the path to purchase

Sign the contract, seal the deal

Share details by email or mobile directly from the table

Enhance the display suite with a technology experience

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What can the Touchtable software feature?

The Touchtable can feature any digital marketing asset used in selling an off the plan project. We can curate your design, layout and content according to what assets you have available. These may include...

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These are some of the clients that use our Touchtable solution:


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