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Interactive 3D for

Residential development projects

Not everyone can look at a 2D floor plan and understand all the details.

Marketing off the plan projects is often limited to CGI images and 2D floor plans.

It gives people a much better understanding of a space.

It creates a more emotional response by allowing users to navigate their own journey.

It encourages users to engage and explore, spending more time looking while etching the experience into their brains.

Interactive 3D is one of the best ways to represent your future project

Snaploader creates an interactive 3D experience of the building before it is built that allows the client to look around the building and the site, look at every level and every apartment.


Our 3D models quickly become the primary selling tool for agents.


Snaploader interactive 3D models are optimised to be viewed on any mobile device or in any desktop browser without the need to download an app or program, making it available anywhere, anytime 24/7.

A client therefore gains a much deeper understanding your project that leads to increased buyer confidence and a quicker decision.

Interactive 3D model

Click to view full screen and explore the 3D model

image 2021 05 06T08 15 22 360Z

Some of the important features

Click to open

Interactive 3D visualization online – in your website, listing, digital campaign on REA and Domain

View on any device, desktop or mobile – no app, specialized hardware or program required, just a simple URL link

Easily share 3D links – SMS, email or on social media. Integrate multi-media content - images, video or floor plans into a 3D model

Lead generation tracking – create customized links and track who you send them

Engagement Analytics – see views, duration, platform and device statistics

Real-time Management platform - Update sales status in the 3D model

Drag & drop furniture – Furnish the apartment with real scale 3D furniture

What we need you to email us to quote on your project?

For a Residential development project:

An Architectural set of plans in pdf format and details of specific requirements.


Recent Projects

Arcadia, Sydney

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